Sea Sickness

  • Lake Erie has a different wave pattern than the other bodies of water you may have been on. I have had 30-year Navy veterans who have had problems on the lake. So don't feel that you are a wimp if you use some common sense and take some precautions.
  • If you think that there may be a medical problem, please check with your Doctor.
  • I strongly recommend that each person take a Dramamine (the less drowsy formula, it provides up to 24 hours of protection) before you retire for the night. Bring another one along with you in case you need it. (You will already have some in your system and can take another anytime.) Patches and wristbands also work, and there are some other brands on the market too.
  • Get a good night's sleep, or try to be well-rested.
  • Watch what you eat and drink. Don't party or drink a lot the night before, or eat a lot of spicy, oily, fatty foods. Eat a light breakfast, avoid fatty meats, and fried foods. Bring a nice lunch and see how you feel before you eat it. Have some crackers or toast along to absorb any liquids that might start to give you some trouble. Seven Up is great for settling an upset stomach. They say that chugging a beer will help some people, but I won't say that it works for everyone.
  • Smoking: I don't forbid smoking, but be considerate of your shipmates, some may be bothered by smoke. Although the boat is made of fiberglass and is hard to catch on fire, it's even harder to put out once it starts.
  • Just remember that we will be going out as far as 20 to 25 miles. You and your friends paid a lot of money and came a long way (some of you) to have a good time and catch some fish. No one wants to spoil a trip that has so much potential for a good time.
  • The policy of the boat is: Once we have cleared the break wall, the trip is made and there will be No Refunds. Note: We will take a good look at the condition of the lake before clearing the break wall and if it is fishable, it is a done deal.
        Capt. Bob Schmidt

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