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Hi Guys & Gals: Yes, I AM BACKKKKKkkk!

LAST SEASON All time spent fishing is time well spent, in my opinion! The Bo-Kay is still in great shape and I am not doing too badly myself, considering! Now, having made that statement I have to admit that the Walleye fishing was not really that great this past year. In fact it forced me to cancel some trips for walleyes after mid-July as some of you know. Well the question remains, were they hitting anywhere? Yes the fish were hitting, they were way out by the weather buoy north of Vermilion and that put them about 15 to 20 miles from Lorain, just about $135.00 in extra fuel for Bo-Kay. (I hoped that I wouldnít have to raise my trip price, sorry about that). Let me be the first to admit that some fish did stay around the buoy, but they seemed to only bite on the days I didnít go there. Some of the guys got a few when they could get out there. I have a difficult time booking trips on hopeÖhope the weather holds, hope we can get you out there, hope you can catch those sometimes fish. The steelhead didnít show up, I am not sure why since there are so many stocked; some experts say it is the water temperature. Anyway we got a few nice ones that were fun to catch.

THIS SEASON The throwbacks we got in 2012 will be keepers in 2013, not a bumper year but decent fishing. The hatches of Ď03 & 07 are All But Gone and have been replaced with the last of the 07 hatch. We hit those fish pretty hard as many of you know. On a good day we were catching customersí limits in anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. All those great aggressive Walleyes were hitting everything they could get their mouths on. We didnít see too many big ones (10+) this past season. I didnít give the taxidermist any fish to mount. Well, that may have been a problem last season but that just means there will be some really big wall hangers for this season.

LAKE CONDITIONS Last year the water temperature came up pretty slow and then just kept climbing to 79 deg., it was read at the yellow weather buoy, north of Vermilion, OH at the Canadian line. I made several trips out there and did pretty well a most of the times, until the fish went north into Canadian waters and that was it. The walleyes stayed in that area, on occasion, through mid-July. We caught a lot of 24-29 inch fish. The outlook is good for the early part of the 2013 fishing season. We have had seven years of fair to good reproduction. This means that the hatches have been normal, not great! There will be some smaller fish joining the pack and the ones that we released will grow, and by spring they should be another couple of inches bigger and fatter. I donít expect the walleyes to change their feeding habits this season, so we will probably have some good fishing early in the season. There is the issue of the blue green algae that we will be dealing with again this year, hopefully late like last year. I hope and pray that they can do something about the problem soon.

This was a good year for perch fishing, the best time for good Perch fishing is May to mid-June. The perch are a little lighter in meat weight in the early season, but they are really hungry and aggressive since they are about to spawn. The perch fishing picks up again in late August and just keeps getting better through October and into November. The major problem in the late season is the weatheróit can be a real problem just trying to get out on the water. Plan to book early so you can have your choice of dates.

FISH LIMITS You can look for the limit to be 6 walleyes again this year, perch will be 30; steel head 5, this information will be verified in May. Canadians are still permitted to fish on our side of the line. We have tried to change the minds of the ODNR but all of our attempts to provide them with information that may lead to better decisions have failed; they simply turn a deaf ear to anything we say.

FISHING LICENSES If you are on the boat you are considered to be fishing or helping someone fish, so you must have a license. All kids over 16 must have a license. You can get a charter fishing license, which will allow you to activate your license by signing it on board the boat, once the trip is underway, this is a one day license and is valid for the year. You can also get a license On Line, at the OD&R home page

I'm looking forward to a fish filled 2013 season on Lake Erie, so, good fishing to all and call me, Letís Go Fishing! Captain Bob Schmidt / email: [email protected] / Phone 1-888-551-0440

Bo-Kay Fishing Charter / 1715 W 26th St / Lorain OH 44052-4331

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